Screaming Circuits: April 2008


Icky Via Near Pad

Here's a case where the board house didn't do an engineer any favors. There are issues with soldermask opening size, registration and masking between the via and the pad. The pads are non-soldermask defined as we like them, however, the... Read more

ESC Show Design Features

Speaking of the Embedded Systems Conference, if you are attending and happen to have a cool circuit that you've been working on, drop by our booth and tell me about it. I like to show off interesting designs when I... Read more

Thank you!

We do our best to fill this blog with helpful information and minimize the glurgy stuff, but sometimes, we do talk about ourselves. We've been a little lean on posts lately anyway so I suppose a little self-serving filler is... Read more

Good QFN, Good QFN Paste Layer

I write a lot here about things that go wrong with various layouts. Hopefully by doing that, I can help some of you avoid common pitfalls. But I should probably write about more good things though to balance it out.... Read more

Upcoming Tradeshows

We're going to the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose and we'll be in Booth 1944 on April 15-17. Come see us. It'll be fun. You can get a get a free strongly motivationalist Screaming Circuits poster. Maybe even a... Read more

Vacuum Tube Contamination Warning

It has been brought to our attention that a certain number of assembled pc boards have been subject to accidental contamination with vacuum tubes. It is not known at this time if the tubes are original manufacturer devices from the... Read more

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