Screaming Circuits: ESC - LeCroy


ESC - LeCroy

LeCroy, booth 642, had an eye catching display. They have a Nintendo Wii with Guitar Hero playing on it. That's cool on its own, but wouldn't be relevant except that they are probing the I2C with one of their GHz scopes.

Esc_0408_show_floor_day_2_003_mediu It parallels a conference session they did: "How to Debug I2C Devices Using an Oscilloscope". We spoke with Dave, one of the guys who gave the talk. We watched him pay for a bit as he explained that his scope was showing the I2C communications coming from the key presses on the controller. Very nice.

Then he let me and my compatriot, Rocky play. First I tried it and got booed off the stage with only 21% of the notes hit. Then Rocky and I played against each other and he beat me 10,095 to 8,402.

That's me playing/humiliating myself on the guitar in the photo.


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Yes, It was a fun way to deliver a powerful message.

Got to give it to LeCroy's marketing maven - always on the cutting edge!

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