Screaming Circuits: Who does the PCB Layout?


Who does the PCB Layout?

We've done some PCB layout surveys with our customers recently; how long it takes, what is the most tedious task, where do mistakes happen, etc.  One thing we've noticed is that you are tasked with the design and layout for most projects; and sometimes you choose to outsource the PCB layout.


We’ve been doing blog posts that help schematic designers with layout; starting with a five part series titled “5 Basic Steps to a Successful PCB Layout,” with posts on "BGA Layout" and "QFN CAD Libraries".

What makes you choose to outsource a layout?  What have been some of the biggest pitfalls and successes in bringing in an outside resource?  What have you learned from all this?  What are the costs you didn’t account for?

We are asking you to email your stories and experiences to us, to: info @  and are taking stories for this up to April 30, 2008.

Submitted stories will be compiled for articles in May, if you have something you’ve learned the hard way with outsourcing PCB Layout please share it with us so we can post it for others.

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