Screaming Circuits: RoHS Options Close By


RoHS Options Close By

Sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes you don't. I hope that phrase isn't copyrighted by the Peter Paul Mounds candy company. Hmm. I'll just claim "fair use." I'm pretty sure that when I started writing this, it fit in somehow but now I can't really remember where I was going with it.

Oh yeah. Sometimes you feel like Immersion Silver and sometimes you feel like ENIG. Right? Well, if that's the case, we have some good news for you. A lot of you are loyal pcb customers of (or the old name and have to build RoHS boards. Sunstone has been offering Immersion Silver for quite some time now and they have just recently added ENIG finished pcbs.

Silver is pretty good but ENIG can have a longer shelf life and better corrosion resistance. Check it out at


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