Screaming Circuits: Ouch! Shipping Can Hurt.


Ouch! Shipping Can Hurt.

Crushed There really isn't much you can say about this other than what I said in the post title. (although, I'll probably end up saying a lot more than just "ouch") I don't know what kind of parts were in here but regardless, this looks seriously squished. Sometimes, though, outside appearances can be deceptive.

If it was a bag full of strips of parts, I could certainly see everything coming though the ordeal okay. Even raw PC boards could have survived, provided that are small enough. And, as it turned out, everything did survive this treatment. The parts and pcbs were fine.

Granted, this was an International shipment and it was not only handled by DHL, but also by our friends at U.S. Customs and probably a broker or other country's inspection station here and there, but it speaks to the value of good secure packaging no matter where you are shipping to or from. The box got crushed handily but there was plenty enough room for compressibility.

Duane Benson
Danger, Will Robinson
Crush, kill, destroy...


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