Screaming Circuits: Random PCB Assembly Questions


Random PCB Assembly Questions

Aensoldering120 We have a lot of information on our website. Hopefully it's mostly all useful by somebody, but even if it is, there's still a lot to wade through just to find the two or three factoids you are looking for. Sometimes I can't even find what I'm looking for. We do have the little search box up in the top right, but it doesn't always work like you would think.

For example: we received an email the other day asking what kind of flux we use for lead free. (We use no clean) I know that we use no clean solder and solder paste, but just for kicks, I put the word "flux" into the search box. I got nothin.

On our capabilities page, we do say that we use "no-clean" but we say it in reference to solder type, not flux. As far as I could see, we didn't use the word "flux" anywhere on our web site. Well, that's not so smart. Somebody want to fix that for me?

Duane Benson
Must flux website


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