Screaming Circuits: A Couple of Interestingly Tiny Parts


A Couple of Interestingly Tiny Parts

Yeah, I'm kind of a broken record on this subject. But, you have to expect that given where I work and that I believe in what I do, I'm going to be such a broken record.

I ran across these two parts a while back while selecting components for a robot project 7mmx7mm_qfn_pic of mine. I had 4mmx4mm_qfn_maxbeen using 300mil wide DIP parts and some SOIC packages, but even though this isn't for a commercial venture, I wanted to reduce cost and size a bit.

In the high-volume professional world, this is standard operating procedure but it's also spilling down to the hobby market and the professional prototyping world. Each designer, professional or otherwise, that forgoes a big thru-hole part for something tiny like this, give part makers less incentive to ever build those big packages.

Duane Benson
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I find using a pyropen helps for prototyping surface mount parts. I put some instructions up at:

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