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We like to give tours here at Screaming Circuits. Unfortunately, we can't give too many tours because then we'd be spending all our time showing the place instead of building boards. Also, most of you don't live here so you can't get by to drop in.

Still, even if we can't have you all over for a tour and a soda, we want you to get to know us a bit better. For the last eight weeks in a row, we've delivered 100% of your assembly jobs on time. We've had 100% on-time delivery in 12 of the last 13 weeks. That kind of performance is due in large part to the customer service folks whom you speak with on the phone and via email.

Here's a brief introduction to a couple of them.

Now you know a couple of the people who are working for you in here. And you know why some of those packing peanuts might be a little squished. Don't worry. They were sealed in protective plastic at the time.

Duane Benson
We're still afraid of bears.


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