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On Time Delivery at Screaming Circuits

While most of the posts in this blog are more related to pcb design, assembly and the environment engineers live in, I wanted to mention something about the culture we have here at Screaming Circuits.  We just finished August, traditionally a month of vacations (at least in Europe), when things tend to be a little slower at work.

We had an above average month, our volume of orders was slightly better than expected.  It was not a record month for us, but was within 10% of our best and we were busy.  Last month was particularly nice for us because we had 99.5% on time delivery.  Just to put that differently, that is 1 order late in 200 orders.  We are very proud of our on time delivery, and show the importance of that to our customers with our delivery policy, where we refund 50% of your order if we are 1 day late, and 100% if we are 2 days late with shipment.

Great job to the team here at Screaming Circuits and we hope that you customers will continue to reward us for performing with more work!

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