Screaming Circuits: Embedded Systems Conference, Boston 07

Embedded Systems Conference, Boston 07

I left Portland for Boston via Newark sometime last night. I don't remember exactly when but I know I didn't sleep more than about 20 minutes during the overnight flight. Any of you that have flown coach lately know why. I'm sure we loose a couple of inches of leg room every year.

Well, I'd like to say "we have tradeshow" but it's still early in the setup so all we have is chaos.


That's pretty normal. Four of our six boxes are here. The booth is in the two missing crates. All of our cool T-shirts are here though.


I'm running on 20 minutes of sleep and two latte's. One from New Jersey and one from Boston. Not much to do but relax and wait...


Duane Benson
Fight Uni


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