Screaming Circuits: Other Things...

Other Things...

439pxmtnbiking_sedonamag_2 Do you have other things on your mind besides that design your product manager keeps asking about? Here in Oregon, at least, it's just about perfect weather for almost anything outside. It's great biking, swimming, golfing, hiking, sailing... whatever. I just think you should get outside and do something.

We can help too. Rather than trolling through Digi-Key for a day and a half for parts, you can let us do it. We love Digi-Key and truly enjoy the parts hunt.

Try a Turn-key order from Screaming Circuits. We'll take care of sourcing the parts and raw boards and then build it for you. Use the extra time to enjoy to sun! And don't forget your sunscreen.

Personally, I'd highly recommend it. Of course, I am biased in that regard.

Duane Benson
All your pcb are belong to us


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