Screaming Circuits: SMT, TH, COB and COG


Obviously, SMT = "surface mount technology", TH = "through hole" and COB  = "chip on board." But, what about COG? It could be "cost of goods" but I think I like "candy on graham" best.

Run over to this article on about an interesting and new technology for the assembly 768600012_428c3e19eb of electronic circuits.

I would like to note that when I checked out the color coding on the resistors, I interpreted them as orange, yellow, black and gold for tolerance. It's really brown, black, yellow which actually does make sense. (The image came from Evil Mad Scientist via flickr under the Creative Commons license)

Duane Benson
Mmmmm... Chocolate...


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And don't forget PCB - Printed Circuit Boards. There's a whole list of SMT & PCB machines. Check it out...

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