Screaming Circuits: The Rest of the Story


The Rest of the Story

Screaming Circuits assembles prototypes and some small volume production pc boards. We put electronic components on printed circuits boards and [Danger Will Robinson: ego alert] we think we are one of the best in the Industry. If you combine our technology with our engineer friendly approach, we think we may even be the best. This post isn't about a possibly over inflated ego though, it's about what is behind our little prototype pcb assembly world.

We have a parent company, Milwaukee Electronics, which has been building mid-volume production for 60 years. They do everything from simple pcb assembly on up to complete box-build.

One of our sister divisions within the Milwaukee Electronics family is our Design Engineering Group. The Design Engineering Group takes on concept-to-production jobs, schematic design jobs, project management jobs and pc board layout. They have a pretty wide range of expertise, but if I had to tag a specialty, it would probably be in industrial control and motion control.

Getting a quote is not in the remotest sense an automated process like assembly is with Screaming Circuits, but if you need help with design or layout, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will connect you up with them. You can also check out our Design Engineering Group directly on their website.

Duane Benson
He's not heavy, he's a division of my parent company


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