Screaming Circuits: Sayings


I don't really know if this is a post-worthy post, but I'm having a bit of trouble waking up so I thought I'd pass on a bit of philosophy. I get kind of annoyed by motivational posters, but I have an assortment of sticky notes with little sayings that resonate with me in the way those motivational posters are supposed to.

"What would a customer think of that?"

"Treat the customer like they are giving you money (because they are). If you don't, they won't."

"What kind of chip are you?"

"Stop! You are not thinking."

The last one is my favorite. I think they are all good and they are all perspectives that we like to keep rolling through our heads. Just a little reminder that, while we are all trying to make a living doing this, you folks will only provide us with that living if we do a good job for you.

Duane Benson
Like to think I'm an i.MX31, but probably a CDP1802


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