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Custom Library Parts

I ran across a resource for those of you that need to make custom parts libraries for your PCB CAD software. In general, the part datasheet is the first place to go for land pattern, dimensions and all of the other key details needed to create a library component.

Ipc_footprints However, sometimes not all of the data is there. Sometimes it isn't complete or is difficult to interpret. If you can't find what you need with the manufacturer, the IPC has something that might help too. It's the IPC-7351A Land Pattern Viewer. I don't know if it shows everything, but it has a lot of different packages with a lot of good information.

Download it and check it out. It might just help.

Duane Benson
In the pattern on short final for landing on runway 7351 right.


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Also, if you really want part information the people who make the viewer also make a program that will spit out 1000's of land patterns for your tool of choice. (We currently use the free version, but are thinking about the paid one)

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