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So, if you read this blog or have placed an order since Tuesday, you know that we have made some updates to our order process. If you don't read this blog or haven't placed an order since then, read the post just before this one to find out what I'm talking about.

I'll wait.


Okay, in the "Place your order" page, we now ask you if this is a prototype or a production build. We are prototype specialists, so why would we ask this question? Well, yes, we are prototype specialists, but it turns out that building small quantities of prototypes really fast, in some cases, ends up being just what the doctor ordered for small production runs. We don't actually do anything different than with our prototype builds, but a sizable number of you have told us that you use us both for prototypes and for small volume production builds.

That's where this question comes in. By asking that question, we end up better understanding what you need us to do. Eventually, we will likely change the process a bit for production orders. Whatever we do though, it will still be easy, convenient and fast for you.

Duane Benson
Is "protoduction" a word?


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