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Worthy site

Dia2_4 I seem to be traveling about once a month these days. In no way is that enough to classify me as a "Road Warrior." I can't seem to stick to one airline so I haven't realized any frequent flier benefits either. Still, I should be seasoned enough to avoid five hour layovers in Denver, like I'm in the middle of right now. Oh well. I guess that's what $7.99 WiFi is for.

And, no. The "worthy site" I'm talking about isn't DIA as is the picture. DIA is just where I happen to be at the moment.

Jered, the guy who started Screaming Circuits ran across and emailed me an interesting blog called The Blog. It has articles on such subjects as the current carrying capacity of your copper traces, the capacitance of the same and lots of other valuable information. It's definitely worth checking out.

Duane Benson
Only three more hours...


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