Screaming Circuits: Show's Over


Show's Over

I survived another tradeshow. It's seven o'clock and I've been told that my already late flight from San Jose back home is delayed. The last thing I want to do after a week of standing and talking is spend an extra hour or two in an airport. At least I have the Internet - although, being from Portland, I'm a little spoiled. We have free WiFi in our airport. Here, I've got to pay $9.95 for my online time.

Embeddedfusion_top I didn't get out and around the show much so I didn't see too much exciting stuff. I did see a pretty cool embedded development framework by a New Zealand company called EmbeddedFusion. We flagged him into our booth for the schpeal and he showed us a sample that he was carrying around.

It's got a Freescale Arm9 CPU and a nice color display. He had it outfitted with an accelerometerEmbeddedfusion_bottom daughter board and a little "balance the marble" game. It's a nice looking product and a beautiful layout. I know that appearance really shouldn't be a factor, but in the same way that I'm more comfortable flying in a good looking airplane, I give points for a nicely laid out pc board.

Duane Benson
Still another hour before I board my flight  :(


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