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Warning! This may be a pretty much blatantly commercial post. Well, there is something free you can get without obligation, and I suppose that ultimately, no matter what we put up here, there is somewhat of a commercial purpose. I guess then maybe it doesn't matter, so just read and get your poster, okay?

Is this your nightmare? Is it Monday and your software guys absolutely, positively need it on Thursday? You have no way of getting all those little densely packed parts soldered onto your pcb. Your normal assembly house can get it back to you in three weeks. They told you to use your in-house line if you need it any faster. Your in-house line is full of higher priority projects (and just how does that make you feel?) and told you to go to your normal outside assembly house.

Look up Screaming Circuits. You can quote and order right on the web site and we specialize in this sort of thing. We'll take your boards, your parts, your panic and some of your money and return assembled boards.

Panic_time_800Here's the FREE stuff. If you would like to be constantly reminded of how stressful your job can be, with a really cool 11" x 17" "Panic Time" poster, send me an email to with your name and address. We won't keep your address on file unless you ask us to. Our web address is on the poster so that's the "catch."

This offer is limited to around 100 or so posters so if we run out, you won't get one. Sorry. Also, unless you can convince me that it's for a really good cause, I'm limiting this to one poster per person.

Duane Benson


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