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Sometimes I think of Screaming Circuits as a serious caffeine boost. It goes like this: I've found that my best results in a meeting or a presentation occur when I spend plenty of time preparing, eat well and get a good night's sleep. In an ideal world, I'd always do that, but sometimes the real world doesn't allow it.

Something changes at the last minute. It get a lousy flight schedule (I'll get to my hotel after midnight tonight) or other circumstance will allow me two hours of sleep before my presentation. I've learned that if I have one or two high-test lattes before and one more during my meeting, I'll be charged up and deliver almost the performance that I would have had the world around allowed me to prepare the way I would like.

If the business world were a kinder and gentler place, there would never be the need for a rush and Screaming Circuits would be less valuable than it is. Your parts are lead-timed, your boards are late, the feature creep dropped in and now you don't have time to go slow anymore. That's where we come in. We're your prototype caffeine.

Back to the caffeine. We give out Starbucks gift cards some times. We have a Screaming Circuits Blend from Longbottom coffee in Hillsboro, Oregon. All good, but my favorite coffee comes from a place called The Coffee Fool. Really, really good. And I like their attitude. Like us, they're all about getting the best and freshest (well, fastest, in our case) product out. They treat customers like their friends and I like to think that we do too.

So, my friend, if you like good, fresh coffee (I get the Pacific Espresso) try these guys out.

Duane Benson
More caffeine. I need more caffeine!


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