Screaming Circuits: Embedded Systems Conference


Embedded Systems Conference

The conference starts next week and I'm pretty pre-occupied with all the show details. Part of our booth is missing in the tradeshow warehouse but everything else seems to be ready.

Even if the booth doesn't get found, we'll still be there. I'll be dissabointed, but quite frankly, the booth isn't all that special. What more important is the message. What's more important is just letting engineers that we are here to help with difficult problems. All the booth is supposed to is is grab you attention. Not having a booth sturcture, might even be just as effective. Who knows?

I'll also be spending some time looking for new and exciting things for those of you that can't make it to the show. Last year, we saw a lot of robotics and a lot of chips in advanced packages such as .5mm BGAs and little QFNs. Those packages are becomming a lot more common so it's a good thing we assemble a lot of parts in those form-factors.

Check back during the week and see if I've found anything really interesting.

Duane Benson


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