Screaming Circuits: MyDATA smt machines

MyDATA smt machines

Last week, several of us from Screaming Circuits visited the APEX show in Los Angelas. We visited our friends from Sunstone (PCBexpress). They had a pretty nice booth setup there and were demoing an upcoming version of their PCB123 CAD software. Pretty impressive. You should check it out.

We also stopped by the MyData booth. We use their pick and place machines in our shop. Here at Mydata_01005_business_cardScreaming Circuits, we regularly work with components down to 0201, but the machines are terroretically capable of going down to 01005 passive parts.

I gave them my business card and they wrote "MYDATA" in 01005 resistors with a My12 - one of our machines - and then laminated it. Check out the photo. The top of the "T" is about 2 milimeters across and is made up of five parts.

Duane Benson
It might be a small world after all


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