Screaming Circuits: It's snowing in Canby!


It's snowing in Canby!

I know. I know. To most of the country, this amount of snow wouldn't even be noticed. But, this is Sc_snow_cr_sm_2 Oregon. We flinch after three flakes. We like it wet and drippy. This cold and slippery stuff frightens us. Give us some good 40 degree rain.

Not to worry, though. We are working today. I suspect that some of our staff may not make it in (slippery roads, scary white stuff, you know) but there are plenty of folks in the shop assembling boards. Right now, I don't think I can guarantee that the weather won't hold up a job or two but I don't think that it will. I'll put up a new post if we change our minds, get scared, and abandon the office for hot coco and home.

Duane Benson
I need a Latte. Someone please get me a Latte.


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