Screaming Circuits: Get'n Big

Get'n Big

We expend a lot of effort learning how to be both flexible and the best at what we do. That means we've gotten pretty good at pushing the limits. We did a board once that was just 3/8" by 9/32". And we did it alone - not in a panel and no tabs of any sort.

Last week we went the other direction. We ran a board that was about 16" square. We placed 3,300 parts on the bottom of the board and 2,000 on the top.

Our capabilities page lists out our standard capabilities as well as examples of the non-standard things we can do. If it's not on our list of standard or non-standard capabilities, give us a call anyway. We'll have our process engineers look at it. If we can do a quality job for you, we'll work something out.

Duane Benson


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