Screaming Circuits: Let's get small


Let's get small

Are you using components with tiny little QFN packages or 20 mil (.5mm) BGAs? Are you having difficulty getting them built up? We're finding these complex packages showing up more and more often - especially in newer components.

Bga_and_qfn In our standard process, we assemble passive parts down to 0201 size. For active components, we assemble BGA, microBGA and QFN with pitch down to 20 mil, QFP and PLCC parts down to 15 mil pitch. On the other end of the scale, our standard process will accept BGAs with up to 1,728 ball count.

As a special process, (which means you need to call us to discuss the details and there may be an extra charge involved) we can assemble BGAs down to 12 mil pitch and fine pitch down to 8 mil. As a special process, we can also look at BGA's with ball counts greater than 1,728 as well as double sided BGA assembly.

Naturally, we can do all of these in either lead-free or lead-based processing.


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