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Design Guidelines Library

We've just added our third design guideline PDF. These are documents designed to help you with the most common problems we hear from all of our customers.

You can find them on this blog in the right-hand column under the header "OUR DESIGN GUIDELINES" and on our website on the "services/faq" page, again in the right hand column. That page has a few other useful goodies such as our ULP  for creating a Centroid from Eagle CAD, sample BOM files and a few other reference documents.

We'll be adding about one per month based on challenges we run across. If there are other subjects that you would like us to cover, go ahead and send an email to and request we put something together.


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[Disclaimer: NoJo, works at Sunstone/PCB123 and I work for Screaming Circuits] He's right, though. We work directly from PCB123 files. It's a great piece of software and whether you are hand assembling your boards or having us here at Screaming Circuits assemble them, the convenience is hard to beat. We have a close partnership with Sunstone and they are our preferred supplier of raw pc boards.

Eagle's a great tool, but I've found that PCB123's approach makes it unnecessary to export the centroids. Screaming Circuits works straight from the .123 file! Very convenient, that. Thanks, Screaming Circuits!

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