Are you an Eagle CAD user?

Eagle_corner_1 Are you an Eagle CAD user? If you use the Eagle layout editor, we've just made your job a little easier with a simple User Language Program (ULP).

Before assembling all the parts on your pc board, we program our machines with the Centroid file. This file contains the XY locations and orientation of all of the SMT parts on your board. Previously, Eagle CAD users needed to run through a number of steps in order to create this file.

With the new ULP, click the "ULP" button in the Eagle board layout toolbar, double click our ulp file and the Centroid is created for you - in just three mouse clicks!

If you don't use Eagle, and are looking for a good quality, low-cost PCB CAD system, check out the CadSoft website. You can download a free version that will do double layer boards up to 4" x 3.2" or a fully capable version for a very reasonable cost.

Duane Benson
Eagle CAD user - sometimes


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