Screaming Circuits: Why blog, why?


Why blog, why?

Why, you might ask, has Screaming Circuits put together a blog? Is it because all the cool pcb assembly service providers are doing it? Is it because we want to exploit the digerati for commercial means? No. None of that.

First of all, we're the only cool pcb assembly service provider. Mostly, though, we've put this blog together as a more relaxed way to communicate with you, our customer. We will be using this blog as a vehicle to pass on timely information, like what we are doing next week, tips and techniques to make your job easier, and general company information. We'll be using it a bit like our news letter, but in static form.

We're thin now, but keep coming back and we will make it worth your time to be here. While you're at it, drop over to Screaming Circuits and have us assemble that new design of yours.

Duane Benson
Screaming Circuits


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