Screaming Circuits: Things hidden in our website

Things hidden in our website

We've created a number of press releases and white papers and added a few download files to our website. We don't really have a good spot for these on the site, so we've repurposed some not-too-obvious locations.

For any downloads like white papers, sample files, Eagle ULPs, check lists and things like that, go to SERVICES / FAQ and look in the right-side column. We're using this as our "downloads" link. Many of these can be found in other locations through out the site, but the idea is that anything that can be downloaded, except press materials, can be found here.

For press materials, look in the right-side column on ABOUT US / NEWSLETTER. This is where we keep all press materials.

The main content area in ABOUT US / NEWSLETTERS has details for current programs and promotions. This section was originally intended to be about our newsletters, but think of it now as more of a general "News and information" section.

Duane Benson


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