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JAVA racing

I haven't had a lot of time to walk the show floor, but I did run across a booth display interesting both for the product and for their innovative marketing method.

Sun is showing off their real time Java, which is pretty cool. But the way they are doing it is even cooler. They've set up a slot car track equipped with various sensors and a remote software Esc_boston_06_rt_java_race1_1 environment. You can jump on a PC in their booth or go to their web site and put together a quick little real-time Java program to control the slot car based on sensors in the track.

After submitting the program, they turn it on and you get to see how fast your Esc_boston_06_java_race2program got the car around. The real-time bit is, of course, if there are response time delays, the car misses and flys off the track.

Duane Benson
Robots rule


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